HDR Defence: “Contributions to Wireless Sensor Networks for Air Quality Monitoring”, Walid Bechkit, 24nd of May 2021 at 10AM, Lamarr Building, Insa-Lyon

The defense will take place on Friday 24th May at 10AM in the Heidi Lamarr building, Insa-Lyon, Villeurbanne.


Contributions to Wireless Sensor Networks for Air Quality Monitoring


In this talk, I will present a summary of my research, which revolves around the design and evaluation of novel solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks to efficiently monitor physical phenomena. I have addressed several scientific and technical issues by adopting a global methodology combining theoretical solutions and experimental developments. Although our solutions can be easily adapted to different applications, the focus was on air quality monitoring, a major societal challenge where new low-cost sensing technologies offer a significant advantage over traditional solutions.

This talk focuses on our main contributions in this area of low-cost sensor networks for environmental monitoring. It is structured around three axes: i) static sensor networks for air quality monitoring in cities and on industrial sites; ii) participatory sensing of air quality and Urban Heat Islands; and iii) UAV fleets for monitoring highly dynamic phenomena. The common thread running through all our solutions is that they take into account both the physical domain knowledge and the characteristics of low-cost sensors such as the limited and heterogeneous measurement accuracy. I will conclude this talk by discussing some personal feedback and setting out some future perspectives.


    • Aline CARNEIRO VIANA, Directrice de recherche, INRIA, Reviewer
    • Andrzej DUDA, Professeur, Grenoble INP – Ensimag, Reviewer
    • Nathalie MITTON, Directrice de recherche, INRIA, Reviewer
    • André-luc BEYLOT, Professeur, Toulouse INP – ENSEEIHT, Examiner
    • Abdelmadjid BOUABDALLAH, Professeur, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, Examiner
    • Isabelle GUERIN-LASSOUS, Professeur, Université de Lyon 1, Examiner
    • Hervé RIVANO, Professeur, INSA-Lyon, Examiner (« Garant »)
    • Mouloud KOUDIL, Professeur, ESI-Alger, Guest Examiner