Our Expertise: Connected People

Connecting Objects, connecting People, connecting Societies to build the Digital World


Cognitive radio - Cooperative Communications - Cellular Network Optimization - Agile Radio Resource Sharing - Flexible Radio Front-End

Embedded Systems

System-on-Chip - Network-on-Chip - Software-Defined Radio - Ultra-low Power Embedded Systems - Energy Harvesting


Wireless Sensor Networks - Radio Access Networks 4G/5G/6G - Vehicular Networks - Urban Capillary Networks - M2M Protocols


Human Centered Robotics - Multi-Robot Systems - Perception & Situation Awareness - Motion-Planning in Complex Systems - Fleet Management (Drones)

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning / Decision Making - Constraint Programming - Deep Learning / Reinforcement Learning - Multi-Agent Decision-Making under Uncertainty

Middleware - Distributed Systems

Edge / Fog Computing - Mobile Cloud Computing - Autonomic Systems - Dynamic Programming Languages - Context-aware DSL - Adaptive Virtual Machines - Resilient OS - Internet of Things


Privacy Issues & Attacks - Privacy by Design - Privacy-Preserving Systems - Societal, Political and Economical Impacts - Security Mechanisms and Resiliency

About Us

CITI is an academic laboratory associated with INSA Lyon and INRIA. The CITI Laboratory develops research activities bringing together computer science, networking, and digital communications to address the challenging issues related to the development of Internet. This world scale network offers a seamless communication path between heterogeneous nodes (persons,objects, sensors, phones,…) in an heterogeneous architecture including wireless access, offering mobility, ubiquity and adaptability. Cutting-edge technologies are expected in various fields to provide seamless, self-adaptive and secured solutions fitting with the specific constraints of many applicative frameworks. The full cross-layer expertise the CITI acquired during the past ten years makes it a very original, challenging and almost unique place in France.

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Technology-driven Platforms and Test-beds
Simulation Tools
Theoretical Approach
Team Brainstorming

Our Teams

Dedicated Research Teams for Topic Brainstorming


ALGorithmes et Optimisation pour Réseaux Autonomes


Cooperative and Human-aware Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments


Dynamic Software and Distributed Systems


Embedded Programmable Audio Systems


MARACAS : Models and Algorithms for Reliable Communication Systems


Frugal computing and emancipatory security"


Privacy Models, Architectures and Tools for the Information Society


Web Infrastructure for Replication Edition and Distribution

Our Platforms

Science Dissemination

Our Impact

Innovations and Technological Transfers together with

Academic Partners

Building the bridge between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, CITI is strongly connected to the academic communities through point-to-point collaborations, collaborative projects or scientific networks. At national level, CITI is involved in GDRs (RSD, ISIS) and many ANR or FUI projects. Connected to the world, CITI maintain several collaborations throughout Europe (COST Action IRACON, FP7 or H2020 projects), but also worldwide with Princeton University or Shanghai JiaoTong University and many more. The goal of such international collaborations are three-fold: (1) to allow researcher mobilities including PhD & post-docs (2) to publish join works (3) to launch ambitious research projects.

Industrial Cooperations

The CITI laboratory joins theory and practice to go beyond the limits of wireless/cellular networks, to work on each part of a protocol stack of a communicating object, from distributed services to embedded systems, including networking and wireless interfaces. The CITI Lab has a long experience of industrial cooperations with ICT companies (Orange, RedHat, Cisco, etc.) as well as with end-users (Valéo, EuroMédia, etc.) Holding several international patents, the CITI Lab is a key partner with a transversal knowledge and expertise in smart objects.


How can I collaborate with the lab?

It depends if you are an academic or an industrial. If you are an academic and you are planning a visit or you wish to work with us, you can contact with Dr. Guillaume Villemaud. If you are an industrial, several opportunities can be considered depending on your background and your objectives. You can contact with Dr. Frédéric Le Mouël.

How can I participate to talks?

Two ways: if you are member of INSA Lyon, Inria or if you work in a research lab which belongs to the Fédération d'Informatique de Lyon, do not hesitate and join us to follow the CITI Research Talks. Otherwise, feel free to contact us. If you are thinking about proposing a research (or tech) talk linked to our research activities, please contact with Dr. Walid Bechkit.

How can I do my PhD or internship at the lab?

Visit our web site, identify our research teams and their topics, study their on-going works, check our publications and projects, then identify several researchers of the lab, and contact them. You will find their email address in the "Smart people" section. Do not hesitate to suggest topics. Do not send a request to all the researchers of lab, it is useless and non efficient.