CITI seminar – Alexandre Proutière (KTH) – 11/10 at 15:30

Speaker: Prof. Alexandre Proutière (KTH)

Date: 11/10/2023

Time: 15h35

Place: Room TD-C Chappe/Lamarr, 6 avenue des arts, La Doua Campus

Title: Radio Network Optimization: A Bandit Approach

Abstract: In this talk, we demonstrate how to efficiently solve radio network optimization problems using a bandit optimization framework. We mainly consider the problem of controlling antenna tilts in cellular networks (so as to reach an efficient trade-off between network coverage and capacity). We start with the design of algorithms learning optimal antenna tilt control policies at a single base station, and formalize this design as a Best Policy Identification (BPI) problem in contextual Multi-Arm Bandits (MABs). We then consider coordinated antenna tilt policies at several interfering base stations, and formalize the design of algorithms learning such policies as a multi-agent MAB problem. In both settings, we derive information-theoretical performance upper bounds satisfied by any algorithm, and devise algorithms approaching these fundamental limits. We illustrate our results numerically using both synthetic and real-world experiments.

This is a joint work with Filippo Vannella (KTH / Ericsson Research) and Jaeseong Jeong (Ericsson Research). The talk is based on the following papers: (IEEE Infocom 2022) (ICML 2023)
Statistical and computational trade-off in multi-agents multi-armed bandits (to appear in NeurIPS 2023)