CITI Talk: “Visible Light Communication for the Internet-of-Things” by Stefan Mangold, on 29th April

The next CITI talk will take place on the 29th of April at 11 am. This talk entitled “Visible Light Communication for the Internet-of-Things” will be presented by Stefan Mangold, founder of Lovefield Wireless (Switzerland) and associate professor with ETH Zurich.


Visible Light Communication (VLC) with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as transmitters and receivers enables low bitrate wireless adhoc networking, which is an interesting approach for consumer electronics such as toys and related applications in the entertainment industry. LED-to-LED VLC networks with VLC devices communicating over free-space optical links achieve a throughput of a few kilobit per second at distances of up to ten meters. LED-to-LED VLC networks are useful for combining light bulbs and illumination with low-complex networking. In this talk, we present recent research achievements in this field, address open challenges, and demonstrate the performance of a software-based VLC physical layer and a VLC medium access control layer that retain the simplicity of the LED-to-LED approach.

Speaker biography

Stefan Mangold owns the Swiss tech company Lovefield Wireless, which assists the industry with product innovation and technology transfers. Stefan Mangold has been with Disney Research until 2016, where he guided a team to contribute to The Walt Disney Company’s wireless research (toys, theme parks, mobile networks). Before joining Disney in 2009, Stefan worked at Swisscom in Switzerland and before that, at Philips Research, NY, USA. His research covers many aspects of wireless communication, for example, protocols and system aspects for wireless LAN, visible light communication, and the Internet-of-Things. Other research interests include smart toys and play patterns, and magical experience designs for the entertainment industry. Stefan teaches a course at the ETH Zurich, publishes, and generates IPR in related areas. He received his Dr.-Ing. / PhD. degree in electrical engineering / telecommunications from RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

CITI Lab is recruiting a Software Engineer / Developer

The CITI Lab is recruting a Software Engineer/Developer/Administrator to support the development and the deployment of the CITI Lab platforms. The ‘Fonctionnaire’ position is a tenure position.

Work Environment

The CITI Lab is a research laboratory affiliated to INSA Lyon and INRIA. With more than 90 people, the CITI Lab is focusing on scientific issues of ‘Connected People in a Digital World’ with 5 main complementary topics: embeded systems, radiocommunications, network protocols and architectures, middleware and distribution systems, and personal data. These topics cover multihop radio networks (sensors, vehicular networks), cellular networks (5g), IoT and robots networks, and social networks. The CITI Lab is holding many international collaborations (Princeton University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and strong industrial partnerships (Orange Lab, Alcatel Lucent, Redhat).


The CITI Lab is developing several hardware and software platforms internaly in each team. These proof-of-concepts demonstrate our scientific results and allow real testbed experimentations. The heterogeneity of the plaforms is important: software components for IoT, communication protocols, personal data leaks, intermediation platform. The recruted engineer will mainly contribute in priority / 50%-time to the FIT IoT Lab/CortexLab platform with sensors and robots. He will be in charge of analysing, developing, supervising the software development under the supervision of the leader of the platforms. The platforms being in constant evolution, documenting and maintaining will also be part of the charge.

Required Skills Algorithmic Software Development Integrated Development Environment Continuous Deployment Unix System Administration Open-source Tools Knowledge Programming Languages (Java, Javascript, C, Python, Ruby, Golo) Agile Project Management If possible – Knowledge in Networks, Radiocommunications, Distributed Systems, Embeded Systems – Laboratory Scientific Skills.


Fabrice Valois – Head of the CITI Lab

University Application

Job description in French

GreenTouch project – Winner of the 2016 Edison Awards

GreenTouch has been named as a Finalist and a Winner of the 2016 Edison Awards! GreenTouch is awarded for our Green Meter Study in the category of “Collective Disruption”.

Congratulations to everybody in GreenTouch – especially to our Socrate team involved in the project – for their collective success for all the hard work over the 5-year period of GreenTouch!