CITI Talk: “Dedicated networks for IoT : PHY / MAC challenges”, by Claire Goursaud, on 3rd March

This presentation will focus on the emerging transmission technologies dedicated to IoT networks. We first point out the need of dedicated technologies for IoT. Then, we present the PHY and MAC layers of the technologies that are already deployed, or likely to be deployed: UNB by SigFox, CSS by LoRaTM, Weighless, and RPMA by Ingenu. We then compare their performances to highlight their pros and cons.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Claire GOURSAUD obtained her PhD in High Frequency and Optical Telecommunications in 2006 from the University of Limoges, working on Signal Processing for Optical Communications. In September 2007, she joined the INSA de Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées), as an Assistant Professor in the telecommunication department, and the CITI laboratory. Her research interests focus on Cooperation in Wireless Sensor Networks, and particularly on Body Area Networks and IoT networks.